Minggu, 31 Mei 2015

Tugas 3

Tugas Bahasa Inggris Bisnis

Evi Tamala

I.  Use the right tense to fill the blanks.
1.  Ann and Andy got married on June 1st. Today is June 14th Ann and Andy have been married for two weeks. By June 7th, they would have been married for one weeks, By June 28th, they will married for four weeks.
2. This traffic is terrible we’re going to be late by the time we got to the airport. Bob’s plane already is arriving.
3. The traffic was very heavy, by the time we got to the airport. Bob’s plane is already arrived.
4. This morning I come to class at 09:00. Right now it is 10:00 and I’m still in class. Ihave been sat at this desk for an hour. By 09:30, I was sit here for a half an hour. By 11:00, I will have been here for two hours.
5. I’m getting tired of sitting in the car. Do you realize that by the time we arrive in phoenix, we have driven for twenty straight hours?
6. Yesterday, John ate breakfast at 08:00. He already ate breakfast. When we leftfor class at 08:45. He always eats before he goes to class.
7. John is in class every morning from 09:00 to 12:00 two days ago, I called him at 11:35, but I could not reach him because he didn’t attend class at that time.
8. Tomorrow, after he have ate dinner. John will go to a movie. In the other words, he would have ate by the time he went to the movie.
9. Right now, Jake taking a nap he fall asleep an hour ago.
10. Mr.John is in my English class. He is studying English this semester. He also take some other classes. His classes begin at 09:00 everyday.

    II.  Change into passive if possible if impossible write “no change”.
1. My sisters plane will arrive at 10:35  - no change
2. When did someone invent radio? – no change
3. When is someone going to to announce the result of the contest? – no change
4. Someone stole my purse – my purse stolen by someone.
5. Peter came here two months ago. – no change
6. Rice grown in Bogor – no change

    III. Combine the two sentences with using the ‘B’.
1. A : We are studying sentences.
    B : Contain adjective clause.
     We are studying sentences which contain adjective clause.
2. A : I liked your composition
    B : You Wrote it
     I liked your composition whose you wrote it.
3. A : I come from a country
    B : it’s history goes back thousand of years.
     I come from a country where it’s history goes back thousand of years.
4. A : The man was very kind.
    B : I talked to him yesterday.
     The man was very kind when I talked to him yesterday.
5. A : That is the drawer.
    B : I keep my jewelry there.
     That is the drawer where I keep my jewelry there.
6. A : The girl was happy.
    B : She won the race.
     The girl was happy when she won the race.
7. A : The students is from china.
    B : He sits next to me.
     The students is from china where he sits next to me.
8. A : The professor is excellent.
    B : I’m taking his course.
     The professor is excellent when  I’m taking his course.
9. A : The people were very nice.
    B : We visited their house.
     The people were very nice when we visited their house.
10. A : I apologized to the woman.
      B : I spilled her coffee.
     I apologized to the woman which I spilled her coffee.